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Ryd 4 Innovation

Domain registration is the first step for every website project. We make the entire process simple for you.
A Domain is a word that identifies of unique form an address on the Internet to be able to identify a business, mark or product especially.

This name is unique on the Internet. It's the name people use to find your site on the Internet. In it a website resides (www.domain_name.com), and on it the directions of associated e-mail are defined (someone@domain_name.com).

The Domain in general use of highly level (Top Level Domains, TLD) they are:

- *.com appointed for Commercial businesses use in general.
- *.net for businesses related to Internet.
- *.org for organizations without profit.
- *.edu for Colleges and Universities.
- *.gov government agencies.

Another classification is in function of the country of origin of the domain, thus we have domains type *.us (U.S.A.), *.pe (Peru),*.cl (Chile), *.br (Brazil)

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